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Web Design
"The Fire Within" for SOL (Twitch Streamer)
Video Promotion

Video Portfolio

[RECENT WORK 2018 to 2019]
Daily Ketosis Promo Video:
Fire Twitch Streamer Trailer:
Music App Introduction:
Michigan Extracts Bumper:
Michigan Nootropics Company:
Vitamin and Supplement Ad:
Plan C Labs Promo:

[PORTFOLIO 2017 and Prior]
Promo Video 1:
Promo Video 2:
Promo Video 3:
Promo Video 4:
Promo Video 5:
Music Visual “Death Trap”
Music Visual “Problems”
Music Visual “Dark Being”
Music Visual “Bongs”
Music Visual “Swicked”
Album Preview Video 1:
Album Preview Video 2:
Valentine’s Day Promo:
Driving Video Promo:
Clean and Sleek Promo:
Parallax Promo Video:
Lugzi Music Video:
Futuristic Metallic Promo:
City Fly-Through Video:
Reviews Promo Video:
Ground Breaking Video:
Light-Ring Futuristic Video: